FPV in Maldives

FPV is the greatest way to discover places while you're on vacation. In the next few weeks and months TBS is going to present a couple of vacation videos ... here's the first from the Maldives, piloted by RiSCyD.

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  • Autopilots and FPV go well together. Trappy's videos were an inspiration to get into this hobby. The initial inspiration was rcexplorer.se ;)

  • Beautiful!

  • the reaction time was too slow. even if it stabilized out the hard punches, it didn't remove the soft ones. and another problem was that oscillations started to appear at very high speeds (>100mph)

  • What were your issues with stabilized flight?

  • Chris, not sure that will happen anytime soon. Just spent half of December in the states ... and still not sure I can come back lol

  • haha. believe it or not we have experimented with stabilized flight. it's not working well enough unfortunately. We are heavily experimenting with RTL. In fact, the new APM2 has started to make things interesting ... :)

  • Developer

    Hi Trappy, what beautiful shots. I agree with you that an "autopilot" is more suitable for geographic processing than for criative shots. At least on fixed wing it looks clear to me.

    However, there are some interesting things on the drone's universe --excluding autonomous flight-- that I'm pretty sure they are nice for FPV. A good example is the stabilized flight. It would be super-boring for you, of course... but for non-skilled guys, like me, it helps a LOT to keep the plane leveled in certain dangerous situations like flying near the ground, etc. It's kinda "don't worry be Trappy"... LOL

    There is also RTL... if you video-link suddenly is gone, so you can activate that "come to papa" resource until get your video signal back or visual contact, etc. So, I think it's just a tool like many others. But, I agree with you that it will NEVER replace the talent and freedom of a skilled flight.

  • I for one like your videos.  and since alot of people will be using a FPV setup on their "drones" then it still applies.

    keep up the good work trappy...  and if you ever get over to the east coast of the US again, let me know, would LOVE to meet you in person  (ok ok  I only really want to check out your zephyr and your FPV setup :) )

  • Like I said, the shots would be worse because a autopilot does not have feeling, nor a brain. It keeps a pre-planned flight path. To date I am not aware of any autopilots used for film making, neither commercially nor for hobby purposes. The reason for that is pretty simple: they suck for that. I welcome your effort to try it, but the only time I will use an autopilot is to increase the safety for the people on the ground. Maybe I'll make a video about that some time ...

  • I have an answer for you.  You have married the technology of FPV with the art of film making.  You have asked this community which, in my opinion, is about autonomous flight to watch and enjoy those videos, which it does.  I for one would love to see someone with you abilities marry the technology of autonomous flight with film making.  Prepare a flght plan with preplanned shots, use autonomy is some heretofore not seen creative way, then show us a film made from such a completely autonomous flight.  The flight itself might be boring--the excitement is in the planning, execution and seeing the final product.

    Every once in a while we see a video here that clearly states when the flight is autonomous and when it isn't.  That happens far too infrequently for me.  I rarely know if what I'm seeing is really autonomous or not.  My own plans have been to make such a video.  I challenge you to beat me to it (which won't be hard since it will be a while for me and I lack your talent).   :-)

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