2.0.47 Default PID's Question

It seems that with each revision the default PID's seem to change. My question is are those PID changes because we found a better match or the testing airframe (assuming default arducopter airframe) or are their actual code changes that require higher PID's.


The main reason i ask is currently i fly two tricopters. One on jacob's frame and the other the pro tricopter kit with long arms (19 inch). A revision or so ago the default stab roll/pitch P was 4.0 and rate roll/pitch was about 0.13. I had to decrease my stab roll/pitch P to 3.45 to stop oscillations.


Now, today i update and default stab P is like 4.7 and rate P has seemed to increase too. Has enough changed in the 2.0.47 branch that would require me to re-tune all over agian or would going back to PID's that work well on my frames be ok?


Thanks a ton

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  • Developer

    All the PIDs are tested to work on a stock jDrones frame. 

    I would keep your normal PIDs, what ever works for you, but with recent changes to the ADC, I've been able to increase the gains without a noticeable oscillation giving more control.

    You're frame could be entirely different however.


    I did do some tests with Loiter and it seems Loiter I is better off as 0, and Nav_P is better off higher.

    Checkout the blog post for that.


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