2-stage turbine with Pixhawk?

Hello everyone,
is there anybody who has done this before? I would like to try this with my Wren 44i T-Rex 800
Is Pixhawk sensitive to ultrasound or high frequency? Any hints I would be very grateful!
Many greetings and excuse my bad english please :-)

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  • Hi Jochen,

    Interesting application.  This has not been done yet that I'm aware of. Yes, high frequency vibration could be really bad on the IMU.  Proper vibration damping will be very important, just as with a gasser.

    One thing you can do if the heli already flies, is set it all up, but don't put it in control of the helicopter yet.  You could fly it around and collect data.  Then, we can analyse the data and see how things are working before attempting to put the Pixhawk in control.


    • Hi Rob,

      many thanks for your interest and quick response! This is a very good idea! At the moment the turbine Heli is in maintenance, but as soon as I get my 3DR Pixhawk I'll check this out. I would try the Pixhawk also in my electro T-Rex 800, to get ideal pid values. The 800E is in size and weight very close. The turbine is flying with Helicommand / Bavarian Demon HC3SX and an ultra acoustic suppression hood very well.


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