200 Amp Current Sensor

Is there a way to do high-amperage current sensing and to get the data into the APM 2.6 telemetry stream that does *not* require installing a Criticality One, single point of failure into the Power Distribution system? ("Criticality One" being NASA-speak for a non-redundant part or system whose failure results in loss of Mission, Vehicle and Crew.)

It strikes me as rather foolish to build a heavy-lift multirotor that requires a robust, heavy gauge power distribution system capable of drawing >200A, and then to put lightweight circuit board traces and IC's smack dab in the middle of that system whose failure results in total loss of power to all motors.

Is there a Plug n' Play way to incorporate a high-current sensor in the APM 2.6 telemetry stream without hacking, circuit fabrication or code revision? That does not interrupt Main Power if it fails for any reason?

How are the Big Boys doing this in their $10,000.00 rigs?

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