2014 3DR quad issue?

I am hoping someone could maybe give me a few ideas on some problems I have been having with my new build:

2014 3DR Quad Frame Kit
3DR APM 2.5 w/external compass/gps (trace cut on APM board)
3DR 880Kv black motors
QBrain 4x20A ESC (all calibrated)
4S 5200mAh liPo battery pack
10" x 4.7 APC Props from 3DR
The apm was on an older 3dr quad, so I reset everything to factory defaults and started over. I also upgraded to the latest non-beta firmware today which is 3.15.

I have done all calibrations(accel/compass), compassmot shows 11%, vibrations are low and I am still fine tuning the pids. I did try auto-tune a couple times, but after calibration was done and I had tried the new settings, my quad would wobble like crazy, totally bad settings.

I've noticed that the motors get very warm, almost too hot to touch. Today I was testing out RTL and just before it touched down, less than 3ft from the ground one motor(front right) went completely out, no power so it ended up flipping over. After removing power then plugging the lipo back in, everything is fine, motor starts along with the rest without any problems, I did a short hover and it's fine?

I attached the log from todays tests, I am wondering if I should be going with better esc's, maybe 30amp ones? Possibly different props like possibly CF 10x4.5 ones? The motor temps I am not used to , most the time with my other quads the motors are warm, but not to the point where these ones are.

If someone could please take a look maybe someone can see something I missed, I would really appreciate it.

I had started another post a few days ago from here: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/3dr-2014-quad-frame-kit-pid-settings

2014-05-27 13-27-45.log

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      • That looks like the same problem I had last week, I ended up having to disconnect power, then reconnecting and then I was fine, when that happened to me I was testing out RTL.....

        • I removed the arm, resoldered all the connections, calibrated the ESC's, charged the battery and she's flying like a dream now with the big azz battery! I better let 3DR know....

          • Mike that's great to hear!!

            I have to get more fine tuning with my quad hopefully tomorrow(too windy today), it's a little choppy only on decent no matter what I try

            • Now I have to look into the drifting in Loiter mode.
  • I have used the same motors with an 11" prop in the past and 20a ESCs and had no problem at all. I also used a 4in1 ESC and did have some problems with the motors heating. don't remember which one it was though but it got really hot and the motors got hot as well. I now use this one with MT2216-11 motors and 10" props and get really good performance. 


    • I've been going through ecalc today and I know it's not the written word, however I found a combination that looks interesting.

      If I go with MT216-12 800kv motors and 9x4.7", it looks like I would get better performance, I can also go to 10" props but it cuts down the flight time?

    • I am thinking that if I had gotten a different 4 in 1 esc with the SimonK firmware I bet it would of been fine, I know these don't support the SimonK firmware so maybe that was the difference? If I was still having problems I was thinking about a set of Tiger Motors

  • Another update

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for addressing this situation to us.

    I am currently checking this situation along our engineers so we can have an informed response for you.

    As you might imagine, this is going to take us a little time.

    Once we have any updates or news about it, we'd be happy to let you know.

    In advance we thank you for your cooperation and patience. :)

    Customer Support Supervisor
    3D Robotics

  • FYI, Santiago from 3DRobotics support is looking into this.

This reply was deleted.


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