Hi everyone, little out of touch here, I've not yet updated to 2.x and am a little confused about how X mode should be configured now. It seems the mission planner route (which is great as it makes firmware upload much easier) suggests that the default setup is + but as all the lights on my frame are laid out for X I'd like to stick to that if possible.

Do I need to rotate the APM to face forwards? And how is X specified now? In the CLI or do I need to manually upload code & configuration?

Thanks in advance and great work on getting 2.x out to all involved.

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Hi ip9,

I just made the transformation today from + to X. I have rotated my APM to face forward and it is my understanding that this is necessary. In terms of specifying the configuration, you can do this easily in the setup mode of the CLI from the APM planner or Arduino.

Hope this helps


ip9: you load the quad firmware and set + or x in the Mission Planner setup. This is all in the manual.
My APM is facing between the front motors, and I update the firmware to x frame. When the GPS locks, showing my house on Mission Planner, the airplane silhouette is facing 45 degrees to the left, even though my quad is facing 0 degrees. Does this mean the silhouette on Mission Planner is off or the quad will fly wrong? thank you!
No, that's just cosmetic. The Mission Planner doesn't know if you're flying x or +.

Ah! Interesting!

Actually, this is what I see as well. As the APM is always pointing forward, no matter of the configuration, the compass also should point in the same direction. In my understanding, therefore the MP does not need to consider the configuration and the heading should be ok.

I was told by Chris that the heading of the compass might be off of few degrees due to some local influences on my board. As far as I understand, absolute orientation is not that important. It is important that the compass works correctly for relative rotations.

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