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want to build a quadrotor for my winter project

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ip9 posted a blog post
  As someone who never really got the hang of sketchup, this looks interesting. Free solid modeling tool, billed as a stripped down version of Inventor and keeping feature such as assemblies, constraints and .STL export.Downloading a copy…
Jun 14, 2011
ip9 posted a discussion
Hi everyone,just a quick note to say thanks for all involved in the 2.x release. Really impressive and seems to have come a long way in terms of ease of use. Setup was so easy, I had to keep checking I hadn't missed something as it just all seemed…
Jun 5, 2011
ip9 posted a discussion
Hi everyone, little out of touch here, I've not yet updated to 2.x and am a little confused about how X mode should be configured now. It seems the mission planner route (which is great as it makes firmware upload much easier) suggests that the…
Jun 4, 2011
ip9 replied to luispez's discussion Apm Mission Planner has burned one motor of my Hexacopter.
"I'm really glad to see this getting some attention now, i've made several posts about this since the release of the first beta kits last year and not really managed to get any traction despite a few posts since December its always been dismissed.…"
Jun 4, 2011
ip9 replied to Ante Vukorepa's discussion Yoink! jDrones ESC and CLI mode conspired to kill my motor! Or did they...
"HI - i've had this issue too - cost me a couple of motors so far (everything soldered direct as well so certainly not the bullets) initially i swapped the ESC too but happened again on a new one. For me it was always the same motor - right."
Apr 17, 2011
ip9 posted a blog post
Having recently developed an interest in CAD and modelling (i.e. industrial design tools not standing around in a bikini). I found this handy video on CadJunkie that runs over some of the different approaches some of the different packages take…
Mar 29, 2011
ip9 commented on ARHEXA's blog post PARACHUTE anyone ?
"@Zak - slight off-topic, but they do have an airframe is thats something you've been looking for

Mar 28, 2011
ip9 posted a discussion
Hi, I'm looking at a project that needs a camera with an interval timer, and am thinking that a canon camera that supports CHDK could be a good way of getting the features i want. Does anyone have any experience with this, and if so could you write…
Mar 25, 2011
ip9 commented on François Ubald Brien's photo
"thats looking very nice"
Mar 25, 2011
ip9 replied to ARHEXA's discussion ESC cutoff voltage - that's STUPID
"According to the manual there are 2 cut-off settings, Cut-Off and Soft Cut-Off. Soft Cut-off is the default and this will "gradually reduce the output power". No further specifics are given, and i've never flown mine past the lipo alarm starting so…"
Mar 25, 2011
ip9 replied to Hyon Lim's discussion Power supplying consideration
"Are you using the arducopter kit power distribution board? If so you shouldn't have to worry about this, as that configuration takes care of it anyway"
Mar 19, 2011
ip9 replied to Doug Carter's discussion Maximum Flight Times
"Hi, from the wiki, using the "stock" kit setup

> Average flight times: 3S 2200mAh LiPo 9-10 mins, 3S 2650mAh LiPo and 300gr camera 9-10mins


thats pretty accurate from my…"
Mar 11, 2011
ip9 replied to Wei Hong,Tay's discussion Help with Video Tx/Rx and Telemetry !
"hobbyking also have a 5.8Ghz system (waiting on one myself to try)

in the mean time, a quick look on google turned up this which may be of interest

Mar 4, 2011
ip9 replied to Limebear (Rob)'s discussion There's still confusion about when it's safe to connect the USB
"Hi this is a good idea,

I must admit this was something that early posts made me paranoid of, but always having the lipo connected seems to have done me more harm than good (so far costing me 2 motors and an esc), as for some reason i get a weird…"
Mar 1, 2011
ip9 commented on Jose Julio's blog post Indoor fun with a tiny ArduCopter quadcopter
"Hi Kevin,

was it the parts from Decathlon in the UK you were after?, if so I could help out and order some here and ship for you"
Feb 27, 2011
ip9 posted a photo
LED Lights added - switched to X
Feb 27, 2011