Does anyone have any experience with CHDK



I'm looking at a project that needs a camera with an interval timer, and am thinking that a canon camera that supports CHDK could be a good way of getting the features i want. Does anyone have any experience with this, and if so could you write a little feedback and also the model you used.

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  • CHDK is great for taking photos at fixed intervals -in time -or by distance.


    The setup I have been using can be viewed here:

  • Yeah, I've had good luck setting up repeated timed shots with my SD1000.  Once you read through the instructions on getting it setup, its really easy.  I think there are even scripts on the site already set for this, you just need to change the interval and duration to suit your needs.
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    Hello ip9,

    There are posts on this topic to be found on the forums, if you search for CHDK in the main forum page search you should get some results :).

    I found this link after a quick search, you may want to look up a member called Sandro who has been working on ptp and CHDK for a while.

    I hope this helps you get on the right track!


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