Hi. I have a Hexacopter with Arducopter 2.017 and it flies well.

I have loaded 2.018 and usig Apm a motor of my hexa has burned.

Has this happened anyone?


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I have ACM board 1.0. I try connect to usb only if my battary is also connected.

Usally one of my motors (front in Hexa+) will start to spin shortly.

It is not possible for the software to burn out a motor. The ESC controls current to the motor and there is no signal you can send it to cause a motor to burn. If one of the 3 motor connectors is bad it will burn your motor. If the motor was vibrating or buzzing and not turning, then this is the sign of a lose wire and will very quickly burn a motor.

I have ACM board 1.4 the motor burned is the front in my Hexa +

Sometimes when I connect the Hexa to CLI or APM one of motors fuming with Ardu Pirates and Arducopter but it never had burned.

I think like you but it has burned. The connectors can not be because the Hexa is flying perfectly.
I know of no way that software can burn out a motor. The only way it can happen, as far as I know, is 1) bad cable/connector connection, 2) broken wire in motor, 3) bad ESC.

Hi, one of my motors also burned some time ago during the setup process. That may be some kind of command that the autopilot send to the ESC that causes the motor to spin sometimes back and forth.

That happened twice to me, so no coincidence (second time I was able to save the motor). What I do now is always before plugging the USB cable to my computer I remove the power to Ardu board (my esc powers the board).




Exact, this has happened when the APM or CLI is reseting or rebooting.
ESC connections are probably bullets instead of soldered. If so thats why.
I wouldn't think a speed controller would do anything to the motor except "beep" the prop until it receives a valid signal to arm. luispez and Leonardo Lisboa maybe you are using the same type of ESC? Since both your problems happen at reset, maybe an invalid pulse period is causing a certain type of controller to burn a motor and other controllers just ignore it?
This issue is obviously happening - it has happened to me twice. I agree it is not the apm software. In my case, it is not bad solder joints and i dont use bullet connectors. There is some sort of signal or noise reaching the ESCs during initial communication of Apm board when usb is connected that causes a very rapid movement and rocking of a motor - occasionally. The question is what is the source of this issue, most of the time the motor movements during communication are brief an mild, and why are only some of us seeing this issue. Is it an esc that is not compatible ??

Aside from during Initial USB communication, my esc, motors have been functioning well and the arducopter flies well

This issue is real - its just we have not figured out its source and why only some of us have experienced it

Al, what ESCs are you using?

Hi Chris


unfortunately, I have not been successful in getting the DIYdrones ESCs in stock !!


A friend suggested these to me as an alternative-



Again my issue only occurs during intial USB communication (with battery connected). It does not occur when I am using the Xbee's




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