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agmatthews left a comment for Peleus
"I'm guru on this stuff just a dabbler - be prepared for dissapointment"
Sep 17, 2012
agmatthews commented on Carl Myhre's blog post I2CXL-MaxSonar®-EZ™ Sensor Line Released!
I've now got my I2C sonar code working with the 2.71 code (ie with the new i2c.h library).Using i2C sonar may allow us to get back into collision avoidance - I'm thinking using sequenced sonars to ping in turn (to avoid intra sonar…"
Aug 6, 2012
agmatthews commented on Carl Myhre's blog post I2CXL-MaxSonar®-EZ™ Sensor Line Released!
"Sounds familiar - oh look -> http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/creating-an-i2c-sonar-for
Good to see a quality sonar with i2c interface direct from a manufacturer
I've recently been trying to compile my original i2c sonar code into arducopter…"
Aug 3, 2012
agmatthews commented on IKE's blog post Telegraph.co.uk mistakes small drone for UFO!
"To these guys it clearly is a flying object that they can not identify, in other words an Unidentified Flying Object = UFO.
Would not have taken much too identify it.
Bad lazy journalism"
Dec 18, 2011
agmatthews commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Unmanned heli lands on a moving trailer
"And here it is in miniature - one for the little guys!"
Nov 21, 2011
agmatthews posted a discussion
Hello All,After plenty of testing I have concluded that the SRF02 sonar is NOT A VIABLE REPLACEMENT for the Maxbotics MB1200 series of sonars for the downward looking (alt hold) sonar on Arducopters.It may however be OK as candidate for any future…
Nov 12, 2011
agmatthews posted a discussion
When comparing a couple of I2C (digital) sonars with the normal (analog) sonars I noticed the range reported by the analog sonar appeared to be wrong. A tape measure proved the digital sonars were spot on and the analog data was well off. Other…
Oct 30, 2011
agmatthews replied to Jason Short's discussion Arducopter 2.0.48/49
"Had a good couple of flights with 2.0.49 today. Just tested Stabilise, Alt Hold and Loiter. Great results
Loiter was a tiny bit disappointing - in that in Alt Hold with only a slight breeze the aircraft would stay fairly steady in the one place.…"
Oct 23, 2011
agmatthews replied to Greg's discussion Sonar Noise Reduction update
"Took the arducopter out for a fly today over a nice hard concrete surface below (good for sonar returns)
Here is the plot of I2C Sonar (red) and baro (green) altitudes, also plotted is the throttle (white) and Next Waypoint Altitude (blue)
This blue…"
Oct 23, 2011
agmatthews replied to Jonis Maurin Ceara's discussion How to get my magnetic declination?
"Wolfram alpha is great for declination
Eg http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=ribeirao+preto+declination"
Oct 20, 2011
agmatthews posted a discussion
Back in June, Pieter suggested that we add a form of 'user hook' in to the arducopter code to simplify the use of user written additions or enhancements to the main branch off the arducopter code.The problem we had was that every time Jason released…
Oct 19, 2011
agmatthews replied to Robert Beatty's discussion Quad rotor crashes into swimming pool...
"Reminds me of this video
Is it real?"
Oct 9, 2011
agmatthews commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post ArduCopter arm mount for Maxbotix sonars.
"In my testing with using an i2c digital signal from the sonar to the APM I have found I can still get interference if the sonar is to close to the ESCs. So solely shielding the cable is not the ultimate solution to noise. Moving the sonar module 5…"
Oct 6, 2011
agmatthews replied to Leif Hedman's discussion Abbravations
"Return To Launch"
Oct 3, 2011
agmatthews commented on agmatthews's blog post Infrared beacon guidance for the arducopter
"What I'd like to do next is use more than two IR blobs in the target. If I can use three or four blobs I can remove any ambiguity with the orientation of the target - presently I cant tell if the target is rotated 180 degs
I'd like to test with 4…"
Oct 1, 2011
agmatthews commented on agmatthews's blog post Infrared beacon guidance for the arducopter
"Yet another test log - this one showing the rotation (yaw) derived from the Wii camera.
Note the Wii camera is not aligned with the compass - neither is the target. So the rotation is the relative yaw between the aircraft and the target. What is…"
Oct 1, 2011