ArduCopter arm mount for Maxbotix sonars.



New Sonar mount for your ArduCopter @ jDrones


We just added those more elegant ArduCopter sonar mounts to our storesystem. This mount was inspired by the mount what Chris created first from his plastic knife and mounted with a rubber band to the arm. We made them a bit more elegant.


This is first of the many new mounts that we are introducing to all our original ArduCopter fans out there. We made it versatile so you can use it on others too.


No need to drill any holes or anything to use this mount, just squeeze it around your arm tubes as you do for the dome arches and landing gears. All parts are included on the set.


You can use it for all MB10xx and MB12xx series Maxbotix sonars.


Check out from jDrones site for more info about it.



 ArduCopter Sonar Mount, v1.2 Arm


Packet contents:

  • Polycarbonate mount arms x 2 (Upper, Lower)
  • 2 x M3x6mm Nylon screw
  • 2 x M3x10mm Nylon screw
  • 2 x M3 Nylon nut
  • 1 x M3x10 Hexagonal spacer, Female-Female
  • 1 x M3x12 Hexagonal spacer, Female-Female
  • 2 x M3 washer
  • 3 x M3x20mm Polycarbonate screw
  • 2 x M3 Polycarbonate nut





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  • In my testing with using an i2c digital signal from the sonar to the APM I have found I can still get interference if the sonar is to close to the ESCs. So solely shielding the cable is not the ultimate solution to noise. Moving the sonar module 5 to 10cm away from the nearest ESC solves any noise problems I have. I therefore believe the issue is likely to be EMF noise affecting the sonar module directly.
    Good work on the new mount Jani
  • I used 3 Diydrones Sonar Mounting Brackets.  (

    Wired with shielded leads grounded at sensor.  Very solid response.


  • I'm not sure about paying almot $10 for a piece of plastic to mount the sonar.


    Here's my homemade solution, using an old PC case bezel:  It has great vertical support due to the bracing.  Notice I also mount my gps on top, and APC220 wireless serial module (xbee replacement) on the bottom.



  • well, why not just use a capacitor on sonar's vcc and gnd pin to cancel noise?

  • Developer

    We have sonars under arms too, but they usually have a bit more noise. This is just one way to mount sonar, earlier mount works fine too.. Picture in this post still have unshielded cable. Quad is one of our test quads and it flies ok even with those cables. There will be a shielded cable too shortly.


    As said, we have been getting good results on both under copter and this mount. We might create one mount that can be mounted under arms directly. Let's see

  • Moderator

    cool stuff :)

    @greg, i look forward to seeing your article on noise reduction :)





  • I don't see how this avoids the signal noise?  I see from the photo there is just unshielded 3 wire strip to the APM.  In fact it puts the sonar in  place where is can be easily damaged and is close to the air flow and noise from the propellers and motors.  Does this mean the sonar mount I have from jDrones already, is not a good design?  My testing so far even extending the sonar 3" away from the centre electronics picks up far too much noise and so does not work.  I am posting an article on electronic noise reduction which should allow the sonar to work under the arm or under the centre of the arducopter.

  • hey yeah,  why can't it just be under the arm?

  • It's perfect your design, Jani...... 


  • Developer


         I guess it's better to have it hanging out in the middle between the arms instead of directly attached to the arms because it might reduce EMI?

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