It's not unmanned but it is electric flight!

first-successful-manned-electric-helicopter-flight-1.jpg?width=400On August 12, electrical/aerospace engineer and helicopter pilot Pascal Chretien took to the air in the world's first untethered, fully electric manned helicopter flight in a prototype machine that he designed and built almost entirely by himself within a 12 month development period. In his 2 minute, 10 second test flight, Chretien beat aviation giant Sikorsky into the record books - but it was not without significant risk. As the man himself puts it: "in case of crash I stand good chances to end up in kebab form."

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  • Of course, no video or photos of the 1 meter flight.

  • Ahahah!! I published it on this site in the "Latest Activity" column but no one ha seen it XD In few year I think that PAV will be really possible :)

  • BACKORDER at HK ;-)

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