mistakes small drone for UFO!

3689437243?profile=originalThat is just too funny! A post from UK newspaper Telegraph has the title: Russian protesters film UFO over Moscow and show a video with a small hexcopter drone, that shoot video like this

"Clearly not a helicopter, the silent UFO pulsated coloured lights and had five extended tendrils or pylons emanating from the body of the vehicle.."

Sounds spooky :P

Video and the full post:

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  • To these guys it clearly is a flying object that they can not identify, in other words an Unidentified Flying Object = UFO.
    Would not have taken much too identify it.
    Bad lazy journalism
  • Yep I agree. It's what they do and it makes it difficult to trust or be surprised by most news articles.

  • John that is exactly right. I really doubt that everyone there thought it was a UFO or something else than a small drone. I find it more likely that the journalist saw the footage and made the story.

  • @John. Don't we know it!

  • Developer

    Very god example on how modern news "journalism" works. It is not about documenting fact, but making stories that sell.

  • Pictures "UFO" took:

  • Distributor

    It had to happen......... :)



  • Nice! :-)
  • Here is a link to another story on this, with a blurry video. Ha, just like all the real UFO videos. I saw it just before I came here to post it and all ready had the link copied.

  • oh my that is just too funny i wonder how many times this has happened and know one realized it at all.

    makes me wonder...................

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