Attack of the birds

Today's Arducopter flight got some attention from the locals

A flock of Galahs was grazing nearby when my Arducopter took off. It wasn't long before the Galahs took flight, formed a squadron, called "Tally Ho", and proceeded to chase down the interloper.

The Australian Galah

When aerial predators are spotted Galahs often form compact noisy flocks, consisting of most of that local population, sometimes reaching numbers of 500 or more, that will circle and climb to more than one hundred meters. This is a defensive action which makes one galah part of an avian group, appearing like a storm of galahs.. discouraging predators.


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  • Awesome video!

    Another one attack of the bird, my favorite one, must be enough famous:

  • Parrot`s, Macaw`s and Cockatoo`s including all the smaller members of of the species are far more intelligent that you relies , they have very long lives 50-70 years  even the smaller ones go 30+ years  and part of that long life span is long memory and high level very advanced problem solving abilities .I know this because i have lived with a number of them for the last 40 years ( an extremely large Macaw for the last 22 years ) and i have watched them solve problems that would stump a 5 year old child  and by pure observation learn to use tools and talk all by them selves no training involved , some even understand the concept of "I" and use it correctly in a sentence . My Macaw learned this from watching and listening to the family interact among our selves , He startled the heck out of us when he first spoke saying "I want  ...."  Now he is a free range  hand raised baby ,i only clip his wings just enough  so he does not get lost but he goes where he pleases in or outside at will ! Oh and i will tell you they have an evil sense of whats funny , it is just small evil  but none the less it is there and with the long memory  they can and do hold grudges for a long time , then plan and execute an  attack  tailored to fit "your crime" against  them !!!

    Remember the Vimeo  of the Crow attacking the RC plane  posted here a while ago , he was going right for the elevator of the plane and trying to force it to dive into the ground and he knew exactly what he was doing !!! Crow`s and Raven`s have exactly the same intelligent`s as Parrot`s , Macaw`s and Cockatoo`s  long life span ,memory and problem solving ability . Underestimate them at you own risk !!!

  • So awesome!

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