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LAIC posted a discussion in Swiss Drone Group
wir, ein erfahrenes Team aus sehr erfahrenen Strategen, Experten und Investoren suchen einen CEO " mit Strom in den Hosen " für den Aufbau eines Start-Ups im Bereich UAV und Sports.Als CEO an dieser 150% Stelle verfügst Du über den entsprechende…
Mar 12, 2016
LAIC replied to Rayleigh's discussion Motors not spinning at low throttle in ArduCopter User Group
"had the same phenomena.
do a total erase of the APM to get rid of not firmware matching parameters"
Sep 29, 2015
LAIC replied to luciano's discussion px4 after upgrade to 3.1 problems with satellite rx specktrum
"same same ....
how dis you solve th problem ?
is there with  a problem with the S-Bus input ?"
Apr 12, 2015
LAIC replied to John Mulligan's discussion Px4 Testing
"hi there
got my PX4 with PX4io up and running
connects via telemetry link.
got a Futaba R7008sB RX, configured for Mode B, so the S-Bus is active on Port8.
I can't calibrate my RC... no reaction

any help appreciatet ;-)"
Jun 21, 2013
LAIC replied to Matthew Kern's discussion HELP! APM 2.5 flips and crashes
where have you placed your APM ?
in between the plates ? 
- position ?

Apr 29, 2013
LAIC replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.8 / 2.8.1 released
"so many thanks to the team !
works fine and stable.

Christoph Laib"
Oct 20, 2012
LAIC posted a discussion
got a strange behavior when i fly a programmed set of waypoints:my Quad ( APM2 ) and MP 2.1.12 takes the waypoints one after the other, but switches ( i can see it in the screen Log ) to Loiter on the second last waypoint. The last one is just…
Sep 25, 2012
LAIC posted a discussion
hellois it possible that my APM2 board has bricked ?i have a Octo Copter with standard components:APM2 flown well and kept updating up to 2.7.1 : all well working after updating to 2.7.3 under MP 1.2.11 can't connect anymore.each time i repeat the…
Sep 11, 2012
LAIC posted a discussion
waypoints in the table inside the Flight planner are no more displayed.- is it a bug o a feature ?thx a lot
Aug 16, 2012
LAIC posted a photo
lightweight Carbon Hexa Frame with Cam Gimbal for Go Pro
Aug 12, 2012
LAIC posted a discussion
Hello theregot latest Mission Planner 1.2, Hexacopter , AMP2 and 2.7 Code on it.I can't activate the values in the Camera Gimbal Menu because they are " greyed out "The Gimbal tilts and pans withe the servos, but in reverse way, so i need to change…
Jul 28, 2012
LAIC replied to Pat's discussion GoPro "jello"
got a question regarding your setup : because your frame is much heavier than standard : can you still loiter ?
- and if yes : how did you change the param's ?

May 31, 2012
LAIC replied to Peter Koch's discussion Futaba Serial Bus RX
"hello there
- any news about s-Bus and AMP2 ?

May 7, 2012
LAIC posted a discussion
PPM to a Futaba S-Bus Receiver ?any experience ?thanks a lot to sshre !
May 6, 2012
LAIC posted a discussion
Hello thereGot the original J-Drones ESC's an a strange phenomenawhen i plug in the LiPO i get a beep beep beep beep ( fast around 3 beeps per second ) from my motors.I think this means " under Voltage ". My LiPO is fully charged and after a few…
Mar 20, 2012
LAIC replied to Chris Kreuzer's discussion APM2 and Turnigy plush 30A ESC in ArduCopter User Group
"Hi Chris
start mode : normal

tell me your experience with the turnigy plush 30A ESC's ; I don't like the " original " ESC's too much.

thanks a lot"
Mar 11, 2012