Hello there

Got the original J-Drones ESC's an a strange phenomena

when i plug in the LiPO i get a beep beep beep beep ( fast around 3 beeps per second ) from my motors.

I think this means " under Voltage ". My LiPO is fully charged and after a few try's sometimes the beep go away and i can fly....

Got no Ottopilot attached and disabled all Battery monitoring settings in the setup.

any advice is highly appreciated 

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Does it happen always or only when flying outside? Some ESCs are suspectible to cold - if you let them be for a while they warm a little, holding them in hand helps. This signal is usually that there is incorrect signal (too low/high pwm). Try recalibrating your radio with a lower or higher throttle trim (and reset it after calibration), or calibrate it when cold.

thank's a lot !

did just the RC Calibration again and it works fine.

The temperature issue i had as well when we had -20C


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