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IT guy. Graduated from an electronics school and love to help people through emergency services.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Looking to better increase the level of safety for the emergency services.


no way

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Doug Carter commented on CyborgCNC's photo
"What kind of battery are you using and what kind of flight time you getting? Looks good. You want to sell me a frame like that one?"
Mar 14, 2011
Doug Carter commented on Anders Brownworth's blog post DroneOS - Realtime UAV tracking via the web
"I'll be d@mned before I would strap my phone to a drone of any kind. But if you are strapping your phone to a drone why not just code the software on the phone to use the phone GPS to tell the position instead of trying to integrate with the APM?…"
Mar 13, 2011
Doug Carter posted a discussion
I am looking to build a quad copter of some sort and use the ArduPilot Mega to control it with.  This copter will be used to fly and monitor a location for a set amount of time while transmitting live video back the the ground station.  What is the…
Mar 11, 2011
Doug Carter commented on Ed Hasd's blog post World’s First Integrated 3-Axis Gyro, 3-Axis Accel and 9-Axis Sensor Fusion
"This is pretty cool based on the specs.  Whats the physical dimensions though?"
Mar 9, 2011
Doug Carter commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post COFDM digital wireless video system for UAV flying
"FLIR Cobalt 90 is what I am saving my money for.  Just 30K more to go."
Mar 7, 2011
Doug Carter replied to Fouad Mahmud's discussion Flight Planning Software for ArduPilot Aerial Mapping
"I would like to be able to click in a live feed and get an estimated LAT/LOG position for that target that I clicked on."
Mar 6, 2011
Doug Carter posted a discussion
First let me start with I am new to this site and group. I am lucky I believe to have stumbled on this site. I am a member of a State Rescue team and I have a back ground in IT and Electronics as well as having built several model airplanes and in…
Feb 24, 2011