3D printed T4 and T6


These are the fully 3D printed T4 (quadcopter), Mini T4 (quadcopter), and T6 (coaxial hexacopter) designs I've posted on Thingiverse.com (aside: "T" is for Tubular).  The comments section on Thingiverse doesn't provide a great place for discussing designs so I've created this topic here instead.

These designs are based on a tubular arm with a vertical "I" beam running down the centre.  This design seems to be very strong and rigid and all of these designs are very stable in flight.

Other common features include:

  • motor wiring is routed through the arms and down into an enclosed (ventilated) power and ESC tray.
  • batteries are located in the centre of rotation (T6 is designed for dual batteries).
  • bevelled cable "tunnels" provide a way to route cables between the power tray and top plate.
  • Top plate is designed for Pixhawk or APM flight controllers with elevated GPS.
  • Bottom tray has mounting points for a Tarot Gimbal.
  • Optional long and short legs include "springy" feet.  The legs are designed so the 3D printed threads "wrap around" the arms which makes them quite strong for their length.
  • Sketchup files are included so folks can modify both designs to suit their needs. 

I figure I've put hundreds of hours into these designs with prototypes and drawing time.  I'd love to get feedback from anyone who makes one.  Together we can improve these designs for everyone's benefit.

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  • Nice design! Clean builds!

  • Brendan22,

    I'm a Technology Education student at SUNY Oswego and I'm building the Mini T4 for a final in one of my classes. I have questions about the wiring because in your build videos you allude to making some but I don't see what the wire looks like.

    Here are my questions:

    What battery are you using? (I noticed the connector isn't the same as the one that comes in the ARF kit)

    What gauge is the power supply wires? (I'm guessing 14 AWG stranded but I'm not sure. I'm asking because I'm also guessing that the gauge of that wire should be the same going to the power controller and from the power controller to the ESCs)

    What does the cable look like that connects the receiver to the the HKPilot Mega Mini Flight Controller?

    What are the length of the servo wires that you used?

    Below you'll see a list of the parts that I bought. I think they're pretty close to the components that you used to build yours.

    Flight Controller: HobbyKing HKPilot Mega Mini Combo Flight Controller GPS and Power Module - https://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct...

    ARF Kit: HobbyKing Spec FPV250 V2 Quad Copterhttp://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__52863__HobbyKing_Spec_FP...

    Props: Gemfan Propeller 5x3 White - http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__58254__Gemfan_Propeller_...

    Transmitter: Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware)

    (Bought this just in case I couldn't get the HKPilot working in time hoping it would be easier to setup...)

    Flight Controller: Hobbyking KK2 -  http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__54299__Hobbyking_KK2_1_5...

    Kinda hoping this thread isn't dead... *crosses fingers*

    • I believe that the battery that he is using is 3S 5000mah. There is more information in this forum early on about batteries, or he discusses batteries on his thingiverse.com page

      • The battery, now that I have it in front of me, I have figured out. The only part I'm stuck on now is the wire that I need to make connects the receiver to the Flight Controller. The documentation for the HKPilot Mega Mini Flight Controller isn't really helpful on those details.

        The receiver has a 3 pin connection and the Flight controller has a 4 pin connection. (radio and osd connection)

  • Hi Brendan,

    Many thanks for your great design of the T4 and for sharing your files and knowledge.

    Yesterday I finished printing so now I go for the electronics and stuff. The plan is to order the same parts as you have installed (Pixhawk etc.). There are two Q-Brains to choose from 4x20A and 4x25A. Is there a reason to go for the 4x25A or will the 4x20A be enough?


    • I think 4x20A would be fine.

  • Hey Brendan, very impressive work. I have a 3dr Y6 with an apm2.6 and recently I purchased me a really great 3d printer and I think I will print up one of your designs. I have a pixhawk controller ready to go and somewhere here I saw someone mention for frame type in mission planer to select Iris. When I click on initial setup to install firmware I don't see an Iris option. Can you please help me with the frame type you set? 

    BTW I print almost everything in ABS. Are you printing in PLA or have you tried out ABS on this design? If not I am willing to give it a go and report my findings. 



    • Hi Greg,  I've got a 3DR Y6 and Iris too - but I never seem to fly them any more ;-). Just install the X quad-copter firmware and then load the parameters for the Iris from Mission Planner -> Config/Tuning -> full parameter list -> combo on right hand side (sorry I don't have it connected at the moment so that's from memory).

      I've printed all of mine with PLA although I know others have used ABS (eg this one).  Have a search through the comments for ABS.

      Cheers and good luck with the prints.


  • Thanks for sharing the designs, I printed my first sample this weekend.  Hope to have the rest of the gear in a few days.  This should be a fun holiday project.

    photo D1E0BAE1-7AE0-4159-8A48-7AFD7C9F1A99_zps9iga55ul.jpg

  • has anyone here used the QBRAIN WITH THE APM 2.5? if so how do you wire the output to the esc. i see a small jumper j1 should this be in out out?

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