Thought I'd pass on this tidbit for anyone else who's been waiting for their Iris pre-order to arrive.  I got the following message earlier today from 3DR support:

"Dear customer,

We are contacting you today in regards to your order xxxxxx, containing an Iris.

We have been informed that due to some improvements on the product, all Iris orders are being delayed and expected to be shipped early February, as an estimate.

We are working very hard to improve the design to guarantee you all, the best quality in our products.

We appreciate your ongoing loyalty to us as well as your understanding.

Please let me know if I can further assist you."

Agh!. But I guess it's better for them to make fixes (uh, sorry... "improvements") before we get it rather than after.

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I made a phone call after receiving similar bad news emails today to hear now not shipping until March!  Bad way to start off.

Adam, I think the actual ship date is Feb 17.  The quality of one molded part was not up to spec, so we had to have the mold retooled. Injection molding is the one part of the process we don't control, and sadly if a vendor drops the ball it holds up everything else. The silver lining is that the software progresses in the meantime, so the out of the box experience in four weeks will be much better for the waiting. Thanks for your patience!

Well, Chris, it would have been nice to receive, say, an email from 3DR stating that. I ordered mine on the 2nd of December and have not received one single update from your people. Instead I was left to trawl forums for tidbits of information...correct or not. Not the way to conduct business IMHO.

Might be but it still puts us in a tight spot.  That would be 6 weeks if it is the 17th and not the 2-4 weeks I quoted my customer.  They'll probably jump back to a Phantom causing another cancellation :(

I'm being patient.  Would rather the product  fly 100% flawless then be full of bugs!  Plus I own an Arduino Uno Rev3 Board that I use for its sensor like pullution sensors, moisture, etc to go alongside with my APM and future IRIS and can tell you right now that 3DR is the only company offering this quality of RTF Drones at a consumer price.  Be patient my friend.  It will all turn out good in the end.

Hans, sorry to hear that. You should have received an email today, as the other pre-order customers did. If you can PM me your order number I'll have the team find out why that didn't get to you. 

PM sent.

As a typically patient individual, I just began looking for information on this topic today since I didn't receive any notification about a delay. I placed my order on November 26th. I sent an email this morning asking about the status. Considering their funding situation, I'll be interested to know what they are planning to do to keep folks on the preorder list from bailing out. If the answer is "thanks for hanging in there and the product will be all the better for it", well I might expect that from a Kickstarter backed project. But not from a company that has $30 million in funding and a lot of positive hype due to the commercial. 

Funding alone does not make a product. Look at the Boeing 787. You cannot say that this company had a VC funding problem, but their supply chain was not up to the standards Boeing was setting, and the plane came out with years of delays and still full of flaws.

If like Chris is stating the supply chain has quality problems then I am happy to wait until these are ironed out. I too got the mail that @Michael got. And I am happy to wait.

Gives me also more time to improve my skills with the entry level "toys" and makes me feel more safe with the "upgrade"

I have a development Iris, and was lucky enough that it flies pretty well.

But there have been kinks, and some, although few in occurrence, can have severe effects. Expected from a development trial. But the kinks have been ironed out, and all the while, new firmware is developing at a tremendous rate. What has changed from 3.0.1 to 3.1.1 has been incredible. And the physical improvements to the Iris I envy.

The developers have had to drill holes, cut, the outer shell, design camera mounts or longer legs. Now it comes, RTF and you can get all the bells and whistles out of the box.

If I want an Iris, like the one you are going to get, I'm going to have to buy a new one!! :(

It really is worth the wait. Iris has grown up, and what a beauty she is!!

   I called 3D robotics for an update since i ordered my Iris relatively recently on Jan. 2nd. I called today Jan 28 to check on my status of my ordered. Manny was very apologetic he and stated a massive e-mail had been sent out explaining the problem. In Dec. I had received my Y-8. I am happy with the quality and it was proudly made in Tijuana. Thus I am not a new customer. I provided my e-mail again and still had not received the update about the delay so i checked here to find out the details. My first order I noted not good communication after I check to see the status of my Y-8. They had sent an e-mail almost one month earlier which indeed wound up in my spam that it was ready to be picked up. Sometime delays happen but effective communication is key and follow up. If i did not call my Y-8 probably would still be waiting for me on Convoy Ct. Great product but follow up is important. Front office on Convoy Ct.  staff with very little eye contact and no smiles when I went there.

I had to follow up 3d robotics on my order. I don't understand why, when I placed this order they mentioned the delay. My order was place after the first post on this thread. The communication is abysmal. 

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