I was positioning the 3DR GPS board on my frame when I noticed the red LED light on the GPS board was going on and off.  I took a look at the connector on the board and the solder joints look good, but when I wiggle the wires at that connector the GPS seems to power on and off.


Has anyone else noticed this?  I’m wondering for those people who have botched missions due to GPS issues might be experiencing this same problem.


The board and wire harness are brand new so I’m wondering if I should contact the store to see if I have a problem here.


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I wonder if its the metal pin on the connecting wire being loose and when you push down on the wire it loses contact. Might be worth getting another connector and trying it out. If it happens again then you can focus on the boards female connector or other problems.

Definitely is shorting out when you move the wires. I haven't had this problem myself, but it may be worth a look at getting another connector.

Yes, thanks Nick.  The GPS cable has the same connector on each end so I switched it around between the GPS board and the APM.  Wiggling the wire now at the APM side knocks out the GPS while the other end at the GPS is solid.  So this ruled out the connector on the GPS board and led me to the cable connector.  I wiggled each wire individually and found one that was causing my issue.  I pulled it out of the connector housing and gave it a small crimp with a tiny set of needle nose pliers, re-inserted, plugged it in and all good now.


Although I see these kinds of connectors in computers, etc. all the time, I am wondering if this is the right, reliable type connector to use here for something as critical as GPS when flying in autopilot.  Sometimes soldering is the best way to go IMO.

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