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Putting together a Bumblebee and APM2.5

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Mar 10, 2013
Daryl commented on David Anders's blog post Quad copter altitude test (up to 100m [300ft])
"Nice flight, great video.  Just curious how you were able to maintain altitude and position when you mentioned this was a manual flight.  A 100m up for me with such a small aircraft is difficult to determine if it's stationary, climbing or falling. …"
Mar 3, 2013
Daryl replied to Remco's discussion ESC's are constantly beeping
"Have you calibrated your ESC's to your throttle?"
Feb 28, 2013
Daryl posted a photo
3DR GoPro Conn
Feb 18, 2013
  • Daryl I found that the pinout descritption on the 3DR store site on the GoPro compatible cable looked to be in error. I ohmed out the cable that was sent to me before I connected it from my GoPro to the MinimOSD and found that all except for the RED wire…
    Feb 18, 2013
Daryl posted a discussion
I was positioning the 3DR GPS board on my frame when I noticed the red LED light on the GPS board was going on and off.  I took a look at the connector on the board and the solder joints look good, but when I wiggle the wires at that connector the…
Feb 16, 2013
Daryl replied to Anonymous's discussion Unsynchronized motor speed in ArduCopter User Group
"It’s good that you have isolated the problem to the ESC.  It is probably unlikely that the APM is sending a slower signal specifically to that ESC because I am assuming when you moved the ESC to a different motor you meant that the ESC itself moved…"
Feb 15, 2013
Daryl replied to Xomby's discussion Receiver Setup, nothing happens in ArduCopter User Group
"I would check a couple of things because it would appear that your APM does not see the output from your receiver, so the questions are:
1. Is the receiver actually outputing anything,
2. Is the wiring between the receiver and the APM inputs…"
Feb 8, 2013
Daryl replied to Marc's discussion 2.9 Throttle Die in ArduCopter User Group
"Marc, have you already setup the PID's for Alt Hold?  I think loiter uses Alt Hold so that needs to be sorted out first.  BTW, 2.9.1 has been released and if you're still in the tuning stages, it might be best to upgrade while you're in the midst of…"
Feb 6, 2013
Daryl replied to David Strassman's discussion Manually Calibrated ESC's, Motor's won't run in ArduCopter User Group
"I did not see in your setup description that you ran the ESC calibration?
If not, if memory serves, remove props, full throttle, connect battery, then disconnect battery leaving radio throttle full, reconnect battery, should hear the two beeps, drop…"
Feb 4, 2013
Daryl replied to Tissy's discussion Motors twitching in flight
"I have a question for the group and this may be unrelated to this latest upgrade, but since I flashed the AdruPM v2.3.13 fw, I cannot seem to get channel 6 to tune my PID terms.  The APM recognizes channel 6 with a range from 1101 to 1941, but when…"
Feb 2, 2013
Daryl replied to Michael Brown's discussion APM 2.5-Getting Logs-Need Help
"I’m having this same problem but my work around is not having to shut down MP but knowing if I’m going into Terminal to retrieve the logs, I click the Terminal button the second time once confirmed connection is good the first time.  Once I’ve seen…"
Feb 2, 2013
Daryl replied to Tissy's discussion Motors twitching in flight
"Now that there is a solution for the Futaba receivers, is this firmware compatible with other receivers or does a person need to flash the other version?  If it’s compatible across the board, can we assume future shipments of the APM will have the…"
Feb 1, 2013
Daryl replied to Tissy's discussion Motors twitching in flight
"I've been beating my head against the wall all weekend wondering why I was getting this twitching or glitching issue.  I was trying everything from isolating the APM via various sizes of foam to the frame, filtering, tuning, fresh batteries, logging…"
Jan 28, 2013
Daryl commented on Joshua Ott's blog post Locking bullet connectors
"I like this, good and simple.  I opted to use silicone fuel tubing instead as that's what I had lying around at the time."
Jan 26, 2013
Daryl posted photos
Jan 25, 2013
Daryl left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
Did you go through the throttle range setup to calibrate the ESC's to your radio?"
Jan 16, 2013