Quad copter altitude test (up to 100m [300ft])

Hey all,

The weather conditions were very favourable this morning, so I took advantage and did a couple of technical flights.  The one featured here was to see how stable I could fly at altitude.  As you'll see in the video, it was quite stable on the way up, peaking and holding at 100 metres with some amazing views of Melbourne, Australia.  There's no music with this video so you can hear the change in motor pitch and how it handled the wind (light breeze).  I deliberately descended quickly and found it a little bumpy, so something to work on.


Enjoy Melbourne in Autumn.



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    Lol - of course! Keep in mind how powerful your words are though: "remembers the crash comment"...  Will have to start calling you Yoda with those jedi mind tricks.

    But the 'follow me' functionality would be cool - have it follow me whilst rowing!

  • All the more reason to get FPV going... annoy "other" crews on the water! ;) (btw... I don't actually advocate flying your lawnmower at or near people!)

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    @ Daryl and Daniel

    I had a laptop running MP and spotter with me so I knew what was happening and all I had to do was focus on the quad.  When it hit 100m I flicked to ALT.HOLD so I could rotate with ease.  Being able to tell orientation wasn't easy, but it was manageable as I could see the light box and telemetry antenna (ie, the back of the quad).

    Was running APM 2.5.  And the wobble was just caused to the fast descent.  I knew it would cause a problem, but still wanted to see what would happen (and how bad it was).

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    @TW - FPV is coming up soon, but keep in mind, i'm sometimes in one of those rowing crews. (;

  • Nice Dave.

    It was a cracker of a day yesterday mate! hope to get up to see you guys soon.

  • 300ft is the rightest I've flown. Wasn't comfortable letting that speck in the sky get much smaller. 

    Very nice video.

    The wobbly on descend is inevitable as far as I know since you're falling into your own prop wash. Maybe if you're moving in a direction while coming down you can avoid the turbulent air?

  • Which controller are you usin for this? I've noticed that downwards wobble with APM.
  • Nice flight, great video.  Just curious how you were able to maintain altitude and position when you mentioned this was a manual flight.  A 100m up for me with such a small aircraft is difficult to determine if it's stationary, climbing or falling.  Were you running a GCS?

  • Melbourne is a beautiful place the city is much larger than I thought . You guys are going into Autumn we are looking forward to going in to spring Here.Thanks for sharing 

  • btw... lovely views... gotta get your FPV going so you can buzz (err, observer) those rowing crews! ;)

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