3DR Hexa Gimbal connection. Stumped!

Hello Everyone,

Is anyone using the optional gimbal kit with the 3DR UDrones Hexa B?

I have run into a wall on this.

I have read and reread the PDF many times on hooking this thing up.

The problem is that I am getting brown outs on A11. Not surprising after seeing the warnings on this. However, it is operational to a degree. I tried splitting the power and signal lines by connecting signal only to A11 and power to the APM 2.5 Output 7 or 8. No power coming from 7or 8. I have tried connecting servo to the APM 2.5 A5-A8 but it is not working either.

Can anyone shed some light on this?



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    The signal wire (only) goes to A11, the other two (red & black) must go to your output rail - the one with the ESC's connected or to a separate UBEC. I pull the signal wire out of the servo plug and put that single wire into an old empty servo plug so that there are now two servo plugs on a single extension cable.

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