3dr Iris Gimbal mount. Any photos of it?

I am purchasing an Iris and I am torn on buying the gimbal for it.  Are there any pictures of what it looks like actually mounted on the Iris?

I noticed that the out of the box legs for the Iris do not provide enough clearance to fit the gimbal underneath.  Does the mounting of the gimbal require additional, longer legs for the iris?


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  • I ve got two IRIS including one with a Tarot 2D gimbal. If you are not very experimented i would recommend not use a Gimbal + Tall leg. The IRIS with tall leg is very unstable when landing and can very easily flip. 

  • Here's one: Iris w/ GoPro on a gimbal

    According to the 3D Robotics page on the gimbal, it comes with:

    • Mounting plate to mount the gimbal to IRIS
    • 4 long legs
    • Tarot brushless gimbal – comes pre-assembled and pre-configured to work with IRIS’ RC for in-flight camera control

    So, yeah - it includes longer legs.

    One note on the Tarot T-2D gimbal; it was apparently recently "updated", but the instructions weren't.  So, if you're like me and order if off eBay, you'll need to figure out how to put it all together yourself.  Maybe I should make a YouTube video on it...

    Oh, and hey - I'm new here, so hello everyone!

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