3DR Iris+ Turnigy 9x Questions: modding

Hey everyone!

Sorry to start this off with the fact that i am a bit of a noob with drones themselves, however am quite a nerd in lots of techie things and am so happy to be getting into this, but bare with me! Just got the 3DRobitics IRIS+, and honestly I love it but I wanted to make a couple DIY changes.

So, I wanted to mod my RC controller and add a backlight to it as I couldn't see a darn thing at night. I bought a hobbyking blue backlight, works great! Then i saw videos with this thing called...SmartiePants board. I guess it allows you to turn the light on and off. I have no idea how one would program to do so, but the install looks really easy, definitely do-able! I phones to 3DRobotics and they told me it shouldn't affect the programming they have in the controller for the IRIS+. Is this true?

How can I just program one of the back switches to turn that light on or off?

and my last question is this...I have a lame battery pack it comes with, and one port to plug it into. I see hobbyking sells 3s 2200mah lipo batteries made just for t9x rc's. Can I use this on this port or what would I need to do to get a battery fit in there? 

Link: TX Battery



Thank you for your help!!

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  • Here's my mod to allow access to the balance cable for charging and USB port for the board.


    • Wow thanks so much for the help. So just cut the end of the battery pack which is just red and black? Connect that to new battery (which I also cut the ends off) splice old connector to new battery and plug in. Anything I am missing? Not sure how to check for polarity or test it lol

      Also do you use the same charger your iris came with to charge both the iris battery and this battery or have something better to multi charge those suckers? I bought two more of their batteries online but not sure how to charger all of them faster or at least 2 at a time faster.
      • Yep, just match the colors of the wires. Cut/solder/heat shrink one wire at a time so there is no risk of shorting. Don't cut both at the same time or the blade will short the battery and you'll have a fire.

        The Iris charger is fine since you don't want over 2A with those batteries anyway. You might want a better charger for the Iris batteries for faster charging. There are also chargers that will do multiple batteries but I don't have one yet.

        This is what I use but you'll need a power supply if you don't have a 12v inverter in your shop. http://hobbyking.com/hobbycity/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=7028
        Are you familiar with the 1C charging rule?
  • That's the pack that I have. Cut the connector off of the AA holder and spliced it to the new battery. Just don't short the wires and triple check the polarity.

    I also have the smartie parts board. It wouldn't connect to my Mac until I reloaded the er9x firmware. That deleted the Iris settings though. I was able to set it up for the Iris but it wasn't the same anymore. It's a learning experience but I do like the board.
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