The assembly manual on 3DR's website (I think) has a mistake in it. On the power distribution board page, it says "Solder the thin gauge red & black wire to “GND” and “5V OUT.” In the photo it shows it soldered to the + and - on the m4 side. Mabye its just a mistake when they made the manual? Also if it does go to the GND and 5v out, does red goes to 5v and black to GND?



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+ is used a shorthand for positive supply meaning 5V. - is shorthand for negative supply. In this case it's 0V, also known as GND (short for ground). Red is almost always the positive supply lead and black is almost always the negative lead. Other colors are used for signal wires. This is all standard electronics terms that engineers use, though some consistency would help from a plug n play perspective.

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