Anyone knows what is going on with 3DR Customer Support? Since novembre I have been dealing with an issue (Iris+ responding erratically) without a solution and now they don´t even answer my emails. Phone is always "out of business hours". Please help.

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  • I’ve also hit a wall when it comes to support from 3DRobotics. I placed an order for a Pixhawk + Airspeed + GPS + Radios. However when my order arrived a week or so later… NO RADIOS


    I’ve sent several Service tickets ( via their web site ) and emails and the only thing I’ve received so far is an automated email response. (see below )

    At first I thought … OK im in the system… They will get back to me… several weeks now and nothing…. Nothing but the same automated response…


    Can anyone cast some light on what’s going on ???


    So far it looks like this will be my first and LAST order with 3DRobotics…





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    Dear customer,

    Thank you for contacting 3D Robotics Help Desk. We are experiencing a high volume of tickets at this time. A customer representative will get back to you in within 1-3 business days.We apologize for the inconvenience.


    The 3DR Support Team

  • What is your problem? Submit your problems with log files with examples of what happened and the community is great at responding with solutions. 

    Calling 3DR is great for orders but I have never received honest support. They always do not listen and the technicians have not been knowledgeable on the IRIS. For example on the tarot gimbal attachment the press fit nuts were missing one nut on my IRIS. I called asking about the thread size to source one locally and was told by 3 different support persons that the IRIS could not hold a gimbal. 

    Try posting here:

    • The problem is that I already sent back my aircraft. They are supposed to test it but they simply don't answer muy calls nor my emails. Don't konw what to do.

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