Frederick, MD

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Hands on learner, rc builder, rc helicopter crasher....

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

Interested in learning more about quadricopters and hexacopters through trial and error of building one.


Frederick, MD

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wbal57 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Design files for IRIS+ now open source
"A 250 sized iris + would be cool"
Mar 16, 2016
wbal57 commented on DG's blog post FAA sued in Federal Court by model aircraft hobbyist
"The DC Drone Users Groups has started a generosity.com support page taking donations to support the legal expenses in this matter if any are interested in donating.

Jan 11, 2016
wbal57 replied to Casey Z's discussion Source for fasteners
"McMaster Carr"
Dec 29, 2015
wbal57 commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Announces Unmanned Aircraft Registration Requirement
"I guess they are also modifying the current FAR from that presentation as well...
Sec. 91.15 — Dropping objects.
No pilot in command of a civil aircraft may allow any object to be dropped from that aircraft in flight that creates a hazard to persons…"
Oct 19, 2015
wbal57 replied to Mark Leon's discussion Looking for a simulator program for IRIS+ in IRIS
"Vacuum tube caps from your local autoparts store. Exactly the same as the stock ones and about .20 cents each. "
Jun 16, 2015
wbal57 commented on Andy Little's blog post It's official ... MinimOSD is obsolete!
"On the topic of OSD's are there any HD Mavlink capable ones to go with a connex FPV transmitter? "
Jun 15, 2015
wbal57 posted a discussion
My y6B seems to be surging or dropping momentarily and I am now seeing the following PM Fail MessageSize (kb) 2035.5966796875No of lines 27255Duration 0:01:54Vehicletype ArduCopterFirmware Version V3.2.1Firmware Hash 36b405fbHardware Type Free Mem…
Jun 11, 2015
wbal57 replied to Justin M's discussion Problems with the 3DR Iris+ in IRIS
"might be a good idea to add a small ic that notices a loss of battery and deploys the servo parachute. Should be simple to incorporate and would allow a servo to pass the pwm trigger signal through for manual triggering as well. "
May 27, 2015
wbal57 replied to Richard Zade's discussion Prop guards in IRIS
"Where did you here this rumor?
One option is that you could find the .stl file for the bumpers not really guards (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:367230) and get it printed locally at https://www.3dhubs.com/. "
May 20, 2015
wbal57 replied to Justin M's discussion No GPS, start in manual then switch to loiter? in IRIS
"High GPS HDOP : the GPS’s HDOP value (a measure of the position accuracy) is above 2.0 and the vehicle is in a flight mode that requires GPS and/or the circular fence is enabled.  This may be resolved by simply waiting a few minutes, moving to a…"
Apr 27, 2015
wbal57 replied to Justin M's discussion No GPS, start in manual then switch to loiter? in IRIS
"You could also go into the parameters and raise the HDOP required value. I had a similar situation and raised it to 3 with no problem. "
Apr 27, 2015
wbal57 replied to Miguel Gomez Gordillo's discussion 3DR Support not supporting on Iris+ wrong behavior
"What is your problem? Submit your problems with log files with examples of what happened and the community is great at responding with solutions. 

Calling 3DR is great for orders but I have never received honest support. They always do not listen…"
Apr 23, 2015
wbal57 commented on Ascent AeroSystems's blog post Ascent AeroSystems - Are you ready?
"Looks great. When will they be available for sale?"
Apr 22, 2015
wbal57 replied to Kris Kitchen's discussion Landing drone flips over and will not turn off? in IRIS
"I have a homemade quad that is similar in shape and size to the IRIS with landing gear made of carbon fiber rods and powered by the iris. The only difference is that mine is an x configuration and has arms of the same length. My quad when landing…"
Apr 20, 2015
wbal57 replied to Grandpa Jake's discussion Great GPS Tracker
"These are great. I picked one up discounted at a closing Radio Shack. They said Radio Shacks remaining open would have them and I believe the retail price is $49 at the shack. "
Apr 17, 2015
wbal57 commented on Melih Karakelle's blog post FLIR Lepton vs Apple Facetime HD Camera
"How do these handle flat field corrections?

On the quarks you have to manually cover the lens as the image degrades to allow it to flat field and recalibrate itself. Is this the same with Lepton? "
Apr 15, 2015