ESC Constant Rapid beeping after APM 2.5 initialization

My control is through a spektrum ar6100 with signal lines to the input of the APM. I have it setup per the apm wiki in the futaba order (Aileron, Elev, Throttle, Rudder, etc). When I power on the APM the ESC makes the tri tone I am used to on a arducopter as the servos flutter and the APM initiates. As soon as I have transmitter control of the servos the esc will begin beeping rapidly non stop quickly. 

Any Idea what I could be doing wrong? 

Equipment used:
Skywalker 1900
Dx7 Transmitter
Ar6100 reciever
FlyFun 60A ESC from FPV Model
Sunsky 2814-9 Brushless motor
4s 5000mAh battery

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After a unplugging the APM and letting it sit for a while and trying again I now have a different result. The ESC makes the tri-tone on startup and then begins to spin. Mission planner shows the apm to be disarmed. Once I click arm the motor stops spinning and I have what appears to be the appropriate control in manual mode. 

I switched to FBWA mode and the kept my throttle at 0 on my transmitter and the motor started to spin. In the radio control setup my throttle min value is between 998 and 1000μs. 

I think this points to the ESC being the issue. Does it need to be calibrated like the arducopters are? If so could someone please point me to the procedure to do this. 

Thanks for your time.

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