I am looking to try some aerial mapping with a 3DR Y6B. The Y6B has a pixhawk flight controller and I am looking for the appropriate way to connect to a chdk Canon Sx260. I have found this link which is a cable I can make right now in house. 


Will this work with the pixhawk? 

Can you point me to documentation on which channel to plug into the pixhawk? 


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You can use whatever RC out you want, eg 11. You just have to select that using the Mission Planner software. The easiest way to find the relevant parameters is to search "CAM" in the advanced full parameter list. You can either trigger via the controller or with the Pixhawk. You'll most likely need to power the Pixhawk rail with a 3.3-5V BEC. There should be quite a few threads on this process, you'll probably have to piece them together.

Will the wire in the link above work? 

I don't see why it wouldn't, if it worked with APM.

Hi there,

I did some reading on this and would like to confirm if I understood correctly. You plug the CHDK cable on Pixhawk's RC 11 let's sat and then you go to Mission Planner's shutter setup and point the shutter function to RC11. Finally you need to go tp the channel 7 setup and point it to "Camera shutter".

Does this sound solid to you? Is this the correct process?

This way if you also use a strattosnapper you can go to shutter setupp and change the RC channel used for CHDK to the RC channel used fo strattosnapeer, correct?

Thanks in advance


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