Problems with the 3DR Iris+

I purchased the Liveview for my Iris+ on Friday, installed it today.  Took it to the park to check it out and try it for the very first time.  I've been flying my Iris+ for several months now, so I am a decent pilot.

It was flying a little oversensitive but I was able to maintain control.  I took it for the first flight for around 5 minutes, landed it, changed the battery and flew again.  
The second flight is when it decided to either lose power or lose connection with my controller.  After about 3 minutes, the motors were spinning but it was dropping steadily, twitching as it fell. As I'm holding the throttle up as hard as I can hoping it's going to pull out of it at the last second, it landed hard on some rocks.
The GoPro Hero Black - Absolutely destroyed.
My Tarot 2D gimbal, messed up.
New Clover antenna, broken
Propellors - all chipped up
And to put salt in the wound, the 32GB Micro SD card was ruined, the video is not retrievable, the computer won't recognize the card.  I can't even get a cool "drone crash" clip out of it!
I've attached photos of the damage, and the log from the "successful" flight just prior (of course the disastrous flight wouldn't have uploaded a log!)
I'm hoping you can find what's wrong from this 1 log, and offer up some kind of explanation.  
I've just watched a $2,000 investment literally fall from the sky and shatter on the rocks.  
I've been filming with GoPro for years now, and not only is my brand new drone in pieces, but my GoPro Hero Black is absolutely destroyed.  So even if I walk away from the Drone scene, I have no GoPro to film my Mountain Biking and WakeSurf videos.  I'm disgusted at this loss tonight.  
I might just have to walk away from piloting and aerial photography after this.  I'm devastated.
I sent this in tonight to help@3drobotics.  I really doubt I'll receive any help from them.  Any suggestions?
EDIT:  I've located the ACTUAL log of the crash, and it is attached here.  Thanks for your help!

20150520_195856 (1).jpg



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  • So it was the ultimate kick in the teeth.  GoPro Black is gone, along with the memory card - toast.  Smashed up gimbal, bent up video transmitter card from the liveview kit, cracked Iris with broken blades.  

    Needless to say, I think I'll decline the 15% discount on a new Tarot 2D Gimbal, which equates to about 30 bucks.  I would have much rather have received a $30 card to Applebees or something, hell.

  • Try disconnecting and reconnecting all electrical connections. Ensure good contact. I just did with mine. Problem solved.
    • Well for crying out loud... really?

  • After a few emails back and forth with 3DR support, after all of this discussion, their final offer is:

    15% discount on a new gimbal.  What's that, about 35 bucks off?  3DR's price is $210 and I think on Amazon I can already find it less expensive than the "discount".

    I'm somewhat disappointed.  But I do appreciate the feedback and encouragement from everybody.  At this point I don't think I'll waste my time and money with this hobby again.

    Best of luck to you all.

    • Did you get a final answer about what caused the crash?

  • I'm a little wiped out, I just thought I'd write about the battery issue.  I've been having the same problem and 3DR told me to re-set to the quadcopter settings in MP.  No idea how that became totally disconnected w/ the controller to the point it showed zeros.  Alas, it looks like my crash was pilot error - prob after freaking when I saw those zeros and trying to land ASAP.

  • It's stuff like this that fuels my passion to bring affordable parachute systems to the market!

    • One potential problem i could see with the parachute, if the props are still spinning like mine were but it's dropping fast and rolling over in the air, those props would chew up the parachute.

      Great idea though

    • Getting the motors to cut off before the parachute deploys shouldn't be too difficult to work out.
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