Hello people, I need your help please.

Normally I'm running Tower App on my LG G2 where 3DR Telemetry is connected to it using OTG cable.

This works great. Lately i have moved to a 500mW telemetry modules and this one drains my phone battery very quickly. I was hoping that by using a USB HUB i can prolong the usage but apparently Tower does not find the telemetry module when it is connected to the hub and not to the phone directly via a OTG pigtail.

I have a small usb hub powered by a HK lipo monitor / charger  and then both Telemetry and phone are connected to the hub using standard micro to type A usb cables.

I sure hope there is a workaround and it is possible for Tower to fine the Telemetry module when it is connected to the hub, is there?

HobbyKing™ LIPO to USB Charging Adapter and Cell Checker (2S~6S)

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  • @Navigant 

    Long story short: This modem can be powered independently (5Volts) from a separate cable. So this is a direct solution to your question.


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  • do you have both the radio and phone OTG cable plugged into the hub ports? because I dont think hubs work like that, devices on the hub cant talk to each other, they can  only communicate to the host where the USB hub pigtail is plugged into.

    also i dont think waht you show in that pic will work, those are usually for charging only and the communications pins arent used so they wont always work

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