3DR TELEMETRY http://www.goodluckbuy.com/ ???


I saw the kit 3DR radio telemetry at this Internet address:



Is this is a fake or original ?

The price is much lower than diydrone shop.


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  • You know you're successful when even your non-functional carrier board designs are copied!

    Looks like the solder quality is a little better at goodluckbuy...  Since they already make 3DR branded stuff maybe 3DR can ditch their current manufacturer and switch to them?  Then everybody wins!

  • They are fake, $12 more expensive and no GPS.

    I'm no expert on copyright law, but surely this can be stopped?

    1 billion + people and they cant come up with an original product........... 

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    I think it's galling that they copy the 3DR hardware but then attempt to protect the photos with their watermark!
  • Hi Seb, these are definitely fake. The APM linked to by Hooks is fake as well.


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