3DR to new 5 Pin

Does anyone know what the pinout is for the new 5 Pin connector?  I want to connect my 915 3DR radio to it, but since were no longer using a pin header I bought  the new 5 pin cable.....But it has positive (or a red wire anyways) on the outside pin so Im guessing the Pinout is different.

Can someone post the Pinout of the new5 pin cable for me?

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  • Facepalm. I already had the board mounted, and for some reason I thought the only place they were marked was on the right side were you can optionally solder pins...and I could have swore I had already looked there! Thank you for the help!

    For the record, from right to left: Pin1 (Red wire) 5V, TX, RX, NA, GND 

  • If you look closely on the bottom of the APM2.5 boards, the pinouts are also marked (GND, +5v, Tx, Rx are all screen printed next to the soldered pins)

  • It helps with the placement of the red one.....  But since all the wires are black.:(  If I could a picture of it completely straight and seperated just a bit... or even just starting with the 5v and moving left, telling me what each wire goes to (ground, rx, tx, cts)

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    Does this picture help at all? (The adapter cables are now in stock)


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