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I own a 3dr x8 UAV which was recently discontinued. 3DR left its costumers hanging with no spare parts or support. I need to replace some bad esc and motors. Can I change just the damaged ones with some aftermarket ones or do I need to change them all. What ESC would you recommend? If one needs to change them all, can we upgrade? I think this discussion would not only help me but other x8 users. 

Thanks for the advice

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I think the motors are sunnysky(800KV), so they should not be hard to find. The esc might be a bit harder. If you plan on using the UAV for some time to come then I would just replace them all. It just makes it easier when they blow next time.

Thank you for your reply, the esc i have seen that seem to be the same are the Afro with Simon K. the stock ones are 20 amp but maybe it would be better to install the 30 amp to upgrade and use the stock 800 kv Sunny Sky Motors. Thanks for the comments.

Little old to reply but def  yes put 30 amp on there..

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