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I just turned n an order for the 3DR X8 quad, Can anythings about this aircraft> Does it require any config/setup on arrival? I ordered it with the Spektrum Rx/Tx. I have a number iof DJI products and on arrival they required advanced IMU and the DJI Dance; compass calibration. Is he X8 similar?

Doe it come with the radio marked to show which switches perform what function or must I experiment to find out? Is there any included documentation the comes specific to the X8 or must I extrapolate from APM manuals?

Thanks to those who can help!

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  • May I ask how everyone has gome  with their X8s.

    Im about ready to buy,....but Im in New Zealand and really want to get it right and all required bits first time.

    If I was to buy spare blades etc which ones should I get (I intend to get the optional additional parts kit as well)

    Blades and motors..which ones would I get to replace on the X8?

    ..look forward to feedback and reviews on the 3dr X8



  • I can acknowledge Joseph's post at the readiness of the X8 RTF.

    I received mine last week and it was just a matter of installing the props as explained in the unboxing guid and turning on the drone and radio and all seemed to be ready to fly.

    Unfortunately, the motor and propeller parts that I have received do not look like the unboxing guide or the images in the store as I am missing the blue prop nuts and spacers.I have put it together with the screws and nuts that I did receive and the props do turn but I am kinda of hesitant to really fly it as I am not completely sure all is well.

    I have sent 3DRobotics an email twice but have not received a response yet :-(



  • I took delivery of my x8 a couple of weeks ago. This is my first quad/octo copter/apm experience of any kind. Read the manual per the link in this thread at least three times :-) it took me one full Saturday to get everything sorted out and to understand what was going on. But by the end of the day I had the x8 flying in multiple modes including auto waypoint missions with the mission planner software. The x8 did come pretty much RTF and I've had responsive and helpful support from 3DR for the couple of questions I had.
  • Bob, we are willing to help with your questions. I am assuming you purchased an RTF X8. If so, it will come ready to fly except for a few items. You will need to install the props, unfold and secure the landing gear, and give the copter a good once or twice over to make sure everything looks right after shipping.  It wouldn't hurt to have a look through the configuration with mission planner before your first flight to get familiar with everything. It can be more involved than a DJI setup, but this system is vastly more capable. Keep in mind that all of our RTF copters are test flown before they leave the factory.

  • Hoping somebody will chime in - I'm about to order an RTF from 3DR as well and am not sure what to expect.

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