What are people doing to get google earth out in the field? I am thinking about getting the tether plan on my Iphone4 to be able to access internet and thus google earth in the field.



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I plan to do just that, wifi hotspot from iPhone4. However I'm lucky, my provider doesn't charge extra for tethering.

google earth caches it's data

so if you scroll around your flying field at home (at various zoom levels, all you need on the field), you are able to use that area without internet connection


-> no need for internet on the field

Sebastian, I don't think you are correct there. That used to be the situation with GE but changes now mean that it will check for an internet link on startup to verify the licence and repeat that periodically (about every three hours). Whilst you may be able to cache the data and drive to the field with the laptop operating it will not work for ever like that. Starting up GE at the field definitely requires an internet link albeit briefly.


If you use the Mission Planner and pre-load the map at home, it will remain cached at the field. 


Otherwise, I tether my Nexus S (Android) phone. I used to have EVDO built into my laptop but now that I've got the Nexus I don't need it anymore.

Just FYI im looking at being abole to cache an entire area. ie a given box draw by the users. this is on my todo list.

Thats awesome Michael! Thank you for all your hard work. I am amazed at the rate in which you are able to provide us with updates.



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