Short story ( If you wanna skip, go ahead, it's not purely relevant lol ) : 

It's my 18th birthday this 18th Feb so I dared to talk about this project and budget with my dad... Luckily he said yes! It's not for any science fair or stuff but for self-learning. I don't know much about hardware, just the very basics but I am a coder (Ethical Hacking and Machine Learning Student) and I've also studied about embedded systems under those topics and hence I wanted to implement my skills in something productive work. My aim is something bigger but for now, I just want to make it fly autonomously and execute my scripts and hand-written programs "Live". After this project, I am likely to be very active in this forums and hopefully, help people providing my open sourced codes i'll make ... 

Expected Hardware List :- 


F450 Quadcopter "+" Frame (Typical)  |  x1

ReadytoSky - 2212 : 920KV Motors |  x4

TBS - Bulletproof : Blowout ESC  |  x4 

9443 - Glass Fiber Nylon Propellers  |  x4

Bonka - 5000mah 50C 3S 11.1V lipo battery |  x1

FCBs : 

RaspberryPi Zero WH |  x1 

Naza M Lite |  x1 

Transmitter & Reciever :

Flysky FS-i6X AFHDS 2A Transmitter 

Flysky FS-iA10B Reciever

(2.4 GHz + 10 Channel)

Would be pleased if dad gets me : 

Cheap 16MP 4K Action Camera x1 

Boscam TS351+ RC805 AV Transmitter & Reciever x1 

Querry : 

1. Am not sure if the parts are perfectly compatible 

2. What flight time should I be expecting with this build? 

3. Will Naza fit with RPi (Thought of MultiWii SE 2.5 at first but heard some stability issues so went with Naza)

4. A telemetry kit in my project is a necessity. 

5. My plan is to connect Receiver with Naza and Naza with RPi. Will it work? 


If possible send compatible parts from and only. 

Am a newbie in drone hobby and also it's my first post so please avoid blunders if any <3 

Thanks in Advance <3 Love Y'all...

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