Short story ( If you wanna skip, go ahead, it's not purely relevant lol ) : 

It's my 18th birthday this 18th Feb so I dared to talk about this project and budget with my dad... Luckily he said yes! It's not for any science fair or stuff but for self-learning. I don't know much about hardware, just the very basics but I am a coder (Ethical Hacking and Machine Learning Student) and I've also studied about embedded systems under those topics and hence I wanted to implement my skills in something productive work. My aim is something bigger but for now, I just want to make it fly autonomously and execute my scripts and hand-written programs "Live". After this project, I am likely to be very active in this forums and hopefully, help people providing my open sourced codes i'll make ... 

Expected Hardware List :- 


F450 Quadcopter "+" Frame (Typical)  |  x1

ReadytoSky - 2212 : 920KV Motors |  x4

TBS - Bulletproof : Blowout ESC  |  x4 

9443 - Glass Fiber Nylon Propellers  |  x4

Bonka - 5000mah 50C 3S 11.1V lipo battery |  x1

FCBs : 

RaspberryPi Zero WH |  x1 

Naza M Lite |  x1 

Transmitter & Reciever :

Flysky FS-i6X AFHDS 2A Transmitter 

Flysky FS-iA10B Reciever

(2.4 GHz + 10 Channel)

Would be pleased if dad gets me : 

Cheap 16MP 4K Action Camera x1 

Boscam TS351+ RC805 AV Transmitter & Reciever x1 

Querry : 

1. Am not sure if the parts are perfectly compatible 

2. What flight time should I be expecting with this build? 

3. Will Naza fit with RPi (Thought of MultiWii SE 2.5 at first but heard some stability issues so went with Naza)

4. A telemetry kit in my project is a necessity. 

5. My plan is to connect Receiver with Naza and Naza with RPi. Will it work? 


If possible send compatible parts from and only. 

Am a newbie in drone hobby and also it's my first post so please avoid blunders if any <3 

Thanks in Advance <3 Love Y'all... 

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Why use Naza, which doesn't work with RPi, when Pixhawk is better, cheaper and works great with Rpi?

If Naza isn't gonna fit then it's pointless to be cheaper or not lol... 

Could you please assist me in adding missing parts along with telemetry kit and every other thing like power distribution boards...

Chris Anderson said:

Why use Naza, which doesn't work with RPi, when Pixhawk is better, cheaper and works great with Rpi?

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