5.23 Volt output signal pwm APM2

Hi There,

As I understand this so far my Rx gives a PWM signal thats 2.90V peak and varies it in width from 1.0 to 1.8 mS (without trims etc) and my APM2 does about the same at 5.23Volts.

None of my servos respond to this signal.


             Min              Neutral             Max                Peak V

APM      1.2ms             1.8ms            2.0ms               5.23

   RX      1.0ms             1.4ms            1.8ms               2.90

All the first 4 outputs vary in width properly but they are the wrong peak voltage!

Any ideas anybody?

Thanks John Fletcher

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  • Hi Todd,

    No, I don't understand why explaining this was so hard or what harm could have been done it's a simple question.

    Regards John

  • John, Did you ever find an answer? I have a similar question.


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