• Hi. Looks like your receiver antenna is nearly touching the 5.8 video antenna. That wire antenna from the receiver is at some point in its length resonate with 5.8 ghz and RF energy will be introduced into the receiver electronics, possibly swamping incoming 2.4 ghz signals. Simply stated you should always place antennas for different electronic devices as far apart as is possible. 5.8 ghz wave length is about 2 inches long. Radio frequency energy is subject to the inverse square law just like light. So if your receiver antenna is 2 inches from the 5.8 antenna it is receiving twice the amount of interfering energy that it would receive at 2.8 inches, to half that again move them apart by 4 inches and cut it in half again by separating them to 5.6 inches and so on. separate them by as many wave lengths as possible. Small cheap electronics rarely have good filtration against interference. Once you've separated the antennas by as far as possible, if interference is still a problem, install a copper wire mesh screen, perhaps 3 inches in diameter above the 5.8 ghz antenna in your installation in the photo. It could be fitted to the 5.8 coax by poking a hole in the screen and gluing it in place an inch or more above the antenna. This would create RF shielding, keeping the the 5.8 GHZ RF from radiating toward the other electronics. Grounding the mesh would further enhance the shielding.

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