530KV 4008 motors with large props. Tuning.




Just wondering if anyone else has a similar set up to mine and can share their PIDs /parameters.


I have these motors on a quad.



 I was flying with 12x4.7 props and it was tuned nice but had not much extra lift (5Ah 4s). My PID tuning was higher than normal to get a good feel.

Now I have 14x4.7 props. There is loads of extra lift and the hover amps have gone down from 14.5A to 13A. HOWEVER, it is difficult to get it to fly nicely and have already fliped and broken the props once.

My current rate p values are going WAY higher than normal but it may be the large slow props (or another problem?).

Any advice on similar setup welcome.




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  • New prop drivers installed.


  • Those S800 style props are only available in 15” minimum at the moment. Am at the motor limit already with 14” so cant go bigger.

    I have started making drivers that bolt to the top of the motor.


  • Big prop. small shaft, small grubscrew.

    Optimistic design.


  • Have just discovered the cause of all my tuning problems and 2 crashes with the larger props.


    Decided to run up the motors individually to check power and vibration with props installed.

    One of the motors didn’t sound as powerful and the rpm was unsteady. First of all suspected the ESC but it was not that.


    Turned out the shaft was turning inside the can. There is one small grubscrew to lock the shaft but even with this tight it still rotates.

    I did have concerns about 14” props on a 3mm shaft but was more worried about bending. Its asking a lot of that little grubscrew to stop all the torque.


    Considering my options.


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