I'll post a few pictures here.  The upgrade is complete except for a carbon fiber tail control rod and a better antenna placement for the FPV.  Its flying good after having to rework some of the parameters.

According to my castle logging I have cut my amp draw by 8 - 10 % in a hover due, I guess, to the reduced AoA of the bigger disc. I'm not sure how accurate the data logging is but it does give a baseline for measurement.









David R. Boulanger


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  • thnx david, i got it...i just forgot to connect my safety switch..now its working

  • Hi David,

    My pixhawk is not giving output signals...mine is trex 550 dfc...so i need your help..connections are right..everything is ok...but i m not getting output to servos...
    • Rish,

      Did you push the red safety switch? Is it solid red or flashing?  How are you powering the servo rail? If you are not using the Pixhawk safety switch there is a parameter that needs to be changed.


      David R. Boulanger

      • it is blinking

        im powering servo rail through 5v seprate bec

  • I have been thinking of exactly that setup with a spare 550 DFC I have… with the pixhawk mounted that way, does everything work pretty well ?  why the foamies on the skids? is that just to cushion landings ?

    • Julian everything is working well.  The pool noodles are to keep the angle aluminum from getting stuck in the grass.  The Bermuda grass we have in south Florida is very woody and strong.  If you get the skids stuck in it the wrong way it doesn't want to let go.


      David R. Boulanger

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