6 Flight Modes Futaba 7C and Arducopter

How to program 6 flight modes into the Futaba 7C using Switch E for channel 5 and Switch A with a program mix with an offset

PIP video with Mission Planner on the Flight Modes Page and the Futaba T7C view

Opening Mission Planner to the Configuration and Flight Modes Page
Assigning Channel 5 on the Futaba 7C to Switch E
Adjusting the Endpoints on Channel 5 to up 47% and down 47%
Opening PMIX 1 and Assgning Master to Offset, Slave to Channel 5, and Switch A down
Adjusting the Offset to -50

Gives PWMs

Mode 1- 1129
Mode 2- 1259
Mode 3- 1389
Mode 4- 1519
Mode 5- 1649
Mode 6- 1779

the first 6 min is how to program the radio and mission planner quickly if you have an arducopter and a futaba 7C.

the remaining 4 min of the video I ramble on how i calculated the PWM i wanted for each mode range and how i figured out what my endpoint changes on channel 5 would have to be and then how i figured out how much of an offset i would need.

This video is made using much of the information from James' post but i put my twist on it with PIP video and an explanation at the end of the video on how i calculated the pwms for each mode.

Link on youtube.


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  • Hi Larry... Do you know if it is possible to replace switch/s with a rotary knob in order to select modes? In my Futaba 7C I use the switch G (3 position switch) for flaps and the rotary knob for the camera so I have no free switches to do what you did...

    Thanks for your help!!!


  • Larry,

    Thanks for taking the time to document your procedures.  I have a T8FG, and this is a great companion to the work James did initially.  My T8FG has the latest firmware which came out after James posted, thankfully someone commented on the needed procedural change.

    The spreadsheet information isn't boring, it clearly explains how you and James arrived at the values you needed to program the modes.  Using the numbers James recommends has been worrying me, some of my values are within 3 points or so of the mode range.  Now, I can follow your procedure to center my switches. 8-)

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