6 Flight modes on DX7s using only one channel

Yet another instruction list on getting a DX7s to use 6 modes. BUT! mine only uses ONE channel for the flight mode selection. I found a few howtos like this for the DX7, and other radios. but not for the DX7s specifically. I knew it could do it, so I messed with this how to ( http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/setting-up-6-different-flight-modes-on-a-spektrum-dx7-using-just ) for a minute and came up with this configuration. It will most likely take some tweaking to make it work specifically on your system since Im pretty sure the PWM numbers will vary slightly radio/RX to radio/RX. So do not be afraid to tinker. Ill go into what numbers need to be tweaked to get the PWM where you need it.

Also, I’m by no means a Spektrum Pro…so I would love input. This is just what I found that works for me.

First, here is my SPM file.

My setup uses the FLAP 3position switch and the GEAR switch (designated by G and F respectively). Here is how it maps out to the APM Flight modes, and what my PWM looks like according to Mission Planner. (my gear channel is channel 5 on my AR8000 and APM)
G0 F0: Flight mode 3 (PWM: 1426)
G0 F1: Flight mode 2 (PWM: 1275)
G0 F2: Flight mode 1 (PWM: 1124)
G1 F0: Flight mode 6 (PWM: 1919)
G1 F1: Flight mode 5 (PWM: 1685)
G1 F2: Flight mode 4 (PWM: 1562)

And an overview of my DX7s settings I changed that are relevant to what I’m setting up:

SW Select
Trainer: INH **
F Mode: INH **
Gear: INH
Flap: Gear
Mix: AUX2 **
Knob: AUX1 **

Mix 1
Rate: -62%
Offset: -100%
Trim: Inh
Sw: Gear0

Mix 2
Rate: 0%
Offset: 60%
Trim: Inh
Sw Gear1

The stuff marked with stars (**) doesn't really matter for just the 6 flight mode thing. and you can use other switches if you know what you’re doing. but i use my knob for PID tuning (channel 6) and I switch between the trainer button and mix switch for channel 7 depending on what I’m doing.

Once you have all the settings in your radio, check the mixing screen on your DX7s. The GER channel should have 6 spots the marker moves to depending on what mode you are looking for. G0F2 should push the marker to the left, and G1F0 should move it to the right. G0F1 should be half left, G1F1 should be half right. G0F0 should be close to the middle on the left side, G1F2 should be close to the middle on the right side.

Now for the fun part. PWMs are not perfect, the numbers i wrote earlier are less static, and more of a median depending on the noise in range. there will be a bit of noise with this at a busy field, so pay attention to the list in mission planner and don’t push to an edge as best you can.

Check what flight modes you can and can’t get to in mission planner. Hopefully it just works! But check your PWM number as well to make sure its near the middle of the range. you’ll see your current PWM on the flight modes page.

From what i understand of mixing, the best way to go about tweaking for APM is to start with the offset. Mix 1 is for Gear0, and Mix2 is for Gear1.
 for mix1
Start with G0F1, and get a good PWM by tweaking the offset. Then switch to G0F0 and tweak the first rate percentage. check G0F1, and G0F2 and tweak slowly from there until all three PWMs are in a good range. i would say about 10-20 from the edges.

for mix2
Start with G1F1, and tweak the offset. Then switch to G1F2 and tweak the second rate percentage. Check G1F1, and G1F2, and tweak slowly from there until all three PWMs are in a good range.

Hopefully you are now good to go and have 6 modes on your DX7s while still having the extra Aux channels to use.

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  • Excellent! worked like a charm.

    This took care of a twitching problem related to ch6 with the use of the other method for setting up the DX7s for 6 flight modes.


  • Hi MBerry,

    I'm trying to get 6 flight modes from my APM 2.6  using Spektrum DX7s. 
    I've followed the instructions setting up the DX7s, but there is no change in the PWM output in Mission Planner.

    I am getting only 3 modes on the Flap switch.

    Attached is an image of the configuration.

    Any help would be  much appreciate!



    • You havent said if you did the mixes. It sounds like you have not.

      • Now it is working, I swap GEAR and AUX1 cables on the AR8000 receiver and I got six flight modes on the Flap switch.

        I'm using the knob on AUX2 to control the camera tilt, and I would like to use AUX1 for the sonar, but in the APM I can not make it work. I'll keep trying.

        • sorry for the late reply, i have been crazy busy.

          your screens look like a DX7, not a DX7s. I dont have my DX7 anymore, otherwise i would try to help you out.

          If it really is a DX7s, you might try updating fimware? that screen looks like the old layout. if it would help you i can try to take pictures of my settings.

          I highly recommend using the SD card on your DX7s to just load my SPM file and tweak those settings to work with your copter.

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