6+ Km FPV system, Need advice

Hello All

I am new to the quadcopter hobby and also to this forum.

I assembled quad copter with APM 2.6 (external compass) and Spektrum DX7s

Currently i have 5.8GHz (200mw) FPV that came up with 3DR kit but the smooth range is not more than 500m.

I have watched people flying (TBS discovery) upto 7.7km very smooth video, I need to know which system they are using and which product i need to order for getting smooth video atleast 6km+ 

I would really appreciate a detailed help :)

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  • Did you have to do any channel mapping in the mission planner to get the channels correct. I connected my dx7s to the dragon via the trainer port. When I connect my Dragon Link receiver to the apm through the PPM channel I get connectivity but the channels are wrong. I know I can correct this in the Mission Planner but people say it screws up the fail safes. Any ideas??

  • You could check out Hobby Wireless perhaps, maybe:


    Also www.dragonlinkrc.com for long range RC control.

    I have a dragonlink which feeds PPM sum direct to my Pixhawk, and just yesterday ordered video equipment from hobby wireless. A 1.2G Tx 1000mW and two Rx of the same with a diversity controller.

    I'll have one receiver on dipole for close in video and the other on a helical tracking antenna.

    Still haven't tested range on anything yet, but sounds promising. The Dragonlink gives me a consistent interface for my RC, whether it be Futaba 7C, FlySky TH9X or Taranis.

    Once I get the video installed, I'll be able to start testing range.

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