EasyStar as a pure GPS UAV

Was very disappointed by this nugget http://diydrones.com/forum/topic/show?id=705844%3ATopic%3A25130which killed our hopes for EasyStar ecstacy. So many junk parts are emerging from Vicacopter that a throwaway UAV based on the EasyStar & GPS was a goal. We now have 2 IDG300 gyros, 1 PG-03 gyro, & 2 GPS modules.There is an anecdote here http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=663091which describes stabilizing the EasyStar with a yaw gyro. The yaw gyro stabilizes roll by correlating roll & turn rate. Release rudder input and the gyro defeats the turn by centering the roll.Not sure if anything can be done for pitch stabilization.

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  • The Easyglider has quite small elevator and especially rudder control surfaces. They are proportional to the presence of ailerons and to the longer wingspan. Essentially, Easyglider is a glider with a surprisingly good thermal capacity. It will eventually be steerable to a certain extent without ailerons, but it won't come out of a highly banked or reversed attitude without ailerons as fast as the Easystar. It's turning radius without ailerons will also be quite larger than ES due to the smaller control surfaces and bigger span. So reactivity will be limited. Another factor is that the Easyglider is not as autostabilizing as the ES, the latter being almost like a high wing trainer with more dihedral (larger and higher winglets in proportion to wingspan).
  • Does anyone have some insight as to whether the Easy Glider will fly essentially like a rudder/elevator only model if the ailerons aren't touched during autopilot mode?
  • Suspect the EasyGlider is meant to replace the EasyStar. The glider probably flies like an EasyStar if the aelerons are fixed, the rudder is extended, and it has a yaw gyro.
  • I am going to try GPS-only flight with an Easy Star, I think (with manual pilot that will, hopefully, be able to prevent any accidents). Is space really that big of a concern? I haven't bought an airframe yet but I am concerned about the complexities of coding aileron flight with an Easy Glider.
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    That was a lot of very smart and interesting speculation. But I think there's only one way to find out: somebody freakin' fly one!

    I'm not going to do the GPS-only test because I can't fit my Basic Stamp board in an EasyStar (I also think it won't work). But the rate gyro test is pretty easy to do. Maybe this weekend--I've got a heading hold gyro that I think I can switch into rate gyro mode. I still don't know how to combine that with an autopilot, but it might have some application for an plane with ailerons, like the EasyGlider.
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