Chatel-sur-Montsalvens, FR

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Hi. I'm a graduated archaeologist. In RC model building for 2 years for now and in the process of building (kit) and equiping an electric SIG Kadet Senior (6s 9000mAh lipo, 560RPV outrunner brushless, 14x7 prop) with remote video, high res aerial photography, autopilot and probably OSD. Goal is to survey for archaeological sites in my region, taking archaeologically relevant aerial pictures (digs, sites, monuments) and eventually extending this for other potential clients. Having fun at it is important too, of course! Professionally, I am much into GIS and stats applied in archaeology. Well, that's it for short.


Châtel-sur-Montsalvens, FR

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Reto replied to Beppe Anardu's discussion Aerial Mapping start-up device
"Check out the eBee produced by SenseFly. It's the lightest and most integrated system I've been able to see in action.SenseFly Ebee page is here.
Jun 9, 2014
Reto commented on Gerard Toonstra's blog post Accuracy evaluation: is better than 5cm possible with uav's?
"I think getting 1.4cm error with pictures shot from 45m above is a pretty good result. My own experimentations let me "only" obtain an average 3d error of 2.8cm from an average altitude of 15m, using a 20mpx 1'' compact camera using Photoscan. But…"
Apr 2, 2014
Reto replied to jvmolo's discussion How to automatically add DO_SET_SERVO at each WP? in ArduCopter User Group
"You may as well us the extended features of the auto-grid function ("Survey (grid)" screen), setting up your camera and lens specs in the camera config panel, seting up your survey altitude, and then specifying do_digicam_control or do_repeat_servo…"
Feb 16, 2014
Reto replied to Brian's discussion X8 lost gone what can I do now?
"Time for ladybirding before flying anything over a 450 quad! Why risk an expensive X8 before being 120% able to bring someting back safely in stabilize? By the way: "This is the second major crash for no reason that I can find". I hope you know the…"
Feb 2, 2014
Reto commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post T3 Season 2, The Model
"By the way, it was a project with 30 aerial hexacopter shots and 270 handheld shots. Trees were cut out of the 3D model, but some tree shadows on the cliff couldn't be fully avoided."
Jan 24, 2014
Reto commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post T3 Season 2, The Model
"If you have a large project, you can separate the pics by areas in a few separate folders. Then, from area/folder 1, select some pics neighboring the area/folder 2 and copy them into folder 2. Do the same for each folder. Now you have each…"
Jan 24, 2014
Reto replied to Jamesvok's discussion Tricopter wobbles a bit coming down from altitude
"I had the same issue on my hexa in stabilize. Going down faster = faster woobles. Down slowly ok. I some circumstances, it was even impossible to regain stable flight when the copter was too low after fast descent and I had a minor crash (4 props,a…"
Jan 21, 2014
Reto commented on Hugues's blog post Suspended quadcopter design / build log
"I'm afraid the slots cut in the central part, even only half way down, make the central cross a quite weak point where most of the weight will be located. The traditional arms-sandwiched-between-two-plates design makes for a nice effort repartition…"
Jan 19, 2014
Reto commented on Daniel Portillo's blog post UAV Photogrammetry by the setting of the archaeological site of La Bastida, Murcia, Spain.
"I guess no particular data sensing except aerial photos used to do the photogrammetry. The three layers are photogrammetric photo rendering on the bottom, a digital elevation model (DEM) obtained from the photogrammetry software in the middle, and…"
Jan 9, 2014
Reto commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Latest on US vs. Trappy
"Did you get teh counterattack by Trappy's lawyers? I expect this case could bring more good than bad for our community.
Law360, New York (October 03, 2013, 2:05 PM ET) -- A model airplane operator facing fines from the Federal…"
Oct 10, 2013
Reto replied to Graham Dyer's discussion X8 motor choices in X8
"Maybe you could take a look at the Tiger MT3515-15 400KV, 188gr, 3s to 8s."
Jul 7, 2013
Reto replied to Daran's discussion Help needed: Servo buzzing
"Servos under load will buzz. Digital servos buzz - sometime loud - even under no load. But since HS-50 are analog, I guess they're under some load. Or I miss something."
Feb 26, 2013
Reto commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Let's design a new DIY Drones header! (prize to the winner)
"Let's get rid of military drone criticism. Let's try something new:Just kidding. +1 for Petrus !!!"
Feb 25, 2013
Reto posted photos
Feb 25, 2013
Reto commented on Jim Stricker's blog post Foam ear plugs for vibration damping
"I also like the earplug dampening concept. Somewhat the same for me since yesterday afternoon, but full length plugs to have identical height and glued both sides with contact glue.The ply board holds APM 2.5, the turret holds GPS on top, receiver…"
Feb 25, 2013
Reto commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Let's design a new DIY Drones header! (prize to the winner)
"What about "Recreative Flying Robots, Contests, Products and More" or "Amateur Aerial Robotics, Contests, Products and More" ?"
Feb 23, 2013