LocoSys LS20031 GPS upgrade to 10Hz

08975-03-L_i_ma.jpgI had some regular e-mail contact with LocoSys since I bought my 5Hz LS20031 GPS board from Sparkfun.LocoSys informed me that in June or July, they are going to propose an upgrade applicable to the LS20031. The GPS will then be able to have a 10Hz update rate.I'll post more information when available. in the meantime, here's the latest LocoSys product table for those interested: 2009DM.pdf
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  • Paul: I don't know, I'm a user, not much more! But the datasheet of the LS20031 module is this link here (stored at Sparkfun.com). I hope you get the information you're looking for in there.
  • The LS20031 I got has MediaTek MT3318 as per feature list on Sparkfun web. And the 10Hz upgrade shall be applicable to that module.
  • Reto - Thanks for the link to the product table. We're getting ready to buy a batch of their modules, and I didn't realize that had support for so many different GPS chipsets. From your discussions, is the 10Hz version with the Mediatek chip or something else ?
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