Photogrammetric study of 100 ha using UAV (Airfare and DJI 550) for Digital Surface Model, Contours, and precision ground Orthoimage 20 cm in X, Y and Z.

It is the natural environment of the archaeological site of Bastida in southeastern Spain where he lived 4200 years ago Argar Culture.







 Argaric Orthoimage the wall, only 10% excavated


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  • Yes, it's a mpx mentor, the same that Mavinci but with free hardware ;-)

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    Looks like a Multiplex Mentor or similar, which is what the Sirus is

  • Hi Daniel, can you post a link to the fixed wing airframe? Looks like a Mavinci Sirius

  • This is a blog to disassemble the camera I don't have photos of soldering wires at trigger button board. But I can say you that the cables have to be very thin, I use headphones  wires, without external isolate only a very thin wire with its isolate, I don't know if I explaned, sorry.

    Sony disassembles QX100 lens-style camera on video
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    yes it looks customized. Any details?



  • Calculate volume is easy with any cad or gis software.
    I disassemble QX100 to customize the trigger button and shooting by wires.

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    Daniel, nice job! One question: how do you trigger the Sony QX100?

  • Is it possible to calculate volume or area through this method? If so how? I think there is no such an option at agisoft. By the way great job.

  • Essam, the sensor is SONY NEX 3 in the plane and in the Djy550 SONY QX100. We have spent many years working with GIS.

    Reto, your comment is true, through the software get the orthoimage and DEM, then work this information into a GIS layers and obtain contours and 3D models fully georeferenced.

    Mustafa TULU, we use Agisoft.

  • Do you use agisoft or pix4d or something else?

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